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Rick lane

Freelance journalist and writer

who are you?

Salutations! I’m Rick Lane and I’m a freelance journalist based in Falkirk, Scotland. I write mainly about videogames and the videogame industry, which I’ve covered for almost ten years. But I’ve also explored subjects that range from treasure hunting to quantum computing.

I began writing professionally in 2008, reviewing games and putting together features for small websites while still at University. I wrote briefly for the sublime PC Zone Magazine in 2010, before its unfortunate demise. After completing my Masters degree in 2012, in 2013 I became games editor of Custom PC Magazine and, overseeing games-related content for both publications in an editor-at-large role. Since then I’ve written for a slew of other publications too, which are listed further down this page.

When not plugging words into my computer or reviewing wonderful games like The Witcher 3 (pictured opposite), I like to spend time with my family, play boardgames, buy more books than I have time to read, and dabble in historical martial arts (aka fighting with big swords). I also enjoy creative writing. In 2011 I won the Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize for short fiction, having come runner-up the previous year.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting stories to chase or exciting projects to contribute to. So if you like my words and would like some written for you, feel free to get in contact using any of the methods listed at the bottom of this page.


Over the last ten years, I’ve had the pleasure of writing for the following magazines and websites:

What do you write?

All kinds of things! Working in games journalism has enabled me to write in a  flexible style and a wide range of forms. This includes criticism and reviews, interviews, editorial and opinion pieces, news reporting, and investigative features. I also like to step out of my comfort zone whenever I can, and research a story or subject that goes beyond the games industry. Here you’ll find a selection of my favourite articles.


Easily! Drop me a line using the contact form below:


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